The Lip Chicks


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The Lip Chicks

Professional Lip Readers

Meet The Lip Chicks, a team of up to 5 professional certified Lip Print Readers. They have been trained to do affirmative, inspiring and entertaining readings in under 3 minutes. Pam Fox has been reading lip prints professionally since 2008. Pam brings a lifetime of spiritual inquiry to her understanding of the messages and guidance in our lip prints. As one of only ten Certified Lipsologists in the world, Pam has continued to learn about the wisdom of our lip prints, and has added to the accumulated understanding of Lipsology with her own discoveries. Pam has created the Lip Chicks Speed Reading Team to accommodate large groups at private and public events looking for something unique. The Lip Chicks Team can read the lip prints of up to 100 guests an hour and are the perfect eye-catching attraction for any occasion.