Mike Super


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    Mike Super


    The secret to Mike’s success is his natural ability to entertain and fascinate people. He has pioneered a new form of magic with his own inimitable, down-to-earth style and personality. Mike Super has brought the art of magic back to the people. He transcends the “trick” and connects personally with his audience on a level they can relate to. Mike has created a unique magic experience where he turns the expectations of a theatrical magic show on its side and then dumps it out into the audience where they become immersed! An audience member levitates, another disappears for three minutes. The magic literally happens to the audience…sometimes all at once! Combined with his full UV stage set, his projection, video camera, and multimedia accents, this is an event you’ll be proud to present. Whether it’s through television, stage or simply one-on-one, Mike Super’s personality and humor reaches out and enchants the public. His appeal to both young and old has made him one of the most sought after mystifiers in the world!