Larry G. Jones


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Larry G. Jones

Legendary Voices in Concert

With the true spirit of an entertainer who loves his craft, Larry G. Jones brings all facets of life into his acts. He is a trained signer, with a vocal range that impresses even the harshest music critics. Apply that talent to his comedic sense and his uncanny ability to “become” well-known celebrity personalities and you’ve got a killer clean comedy show full of characters from one end to the other. With over 25 years of experience, he’s flexible enough to deliver a stunningly wide variety of options to fit your crowd and your agenda. Larry takes care of everything and he does it with panache, talent, wit, and wisdom…making you look great because he’s going to WOW your crowd and deliver a fun, memorable event that speaks to everyone who’s there. Finally, add in a unique blend of professionalism that comes from over a quarter of a century of entertaining audiences and you’ve got the consummate performer that never fails to deliver an exciting show everyone loves. That’s Larry G. Jones. Ready to book? Call us now!