Gypsy Fortune Teller


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    Gypsy Fortune Teller

    Fortune Teller & Psychic

    Gypsy is nationally known for her Fortune Telling and Psychic abilities, Chinese Zodiac Signs, Tarot Card Readings, Handwriting Analysis, Lipstick Readings, Pouch of Fortunes, Face Readings, Stone Rune, Aura Readings, Spiritual Readings, Astrology Consultation, and the Ancient Art of Palmistry…All of which she has been practicing for 35 plus years. Along with her son Gypsi, whose abilities match her own, they have astounded and impressed people in all walks of life with their talent, professional, and personable demeanor. Honest and very dependable the experience is always a memorable one, they also perform in authentic Gypsy attire adding to the entertainment value. Book this exciting show today for your next event!